July 1, 2021

Well, after 30 years, and with the onset of failing eyesight and arthritis, the time has finally come to close the Ventenna Company.

I've tried to find someone else to carry on, but Ventennas are difficult to manufacture, and that became a serious issue for the ones who, at first, were interested.

The website will remain up for the duration of the pre-paid hosting - about a year - for those who may want to review some of the information posted here.

And we'll be available by e-mail for what help we can continue to offer - it's john at the website.

Our sincere thanks go out to our loyal customers and supporters.  We have come to know many of you well, and will miss our great discussions of antennas and other subjects.

To all, we wish you 73,
and many happy QSOs.

John - WB4YJT

To visit the website for manuals or other information, click HERE.