Dealer Information
We welcome inquiries from those who would like to be dealers for our products.

Our Dealer Program offers a substantial discount off the list price, and allows you to make a good profit on both standard Ventennas and HFp antennas.  We don't recommend that dealers handle special-order Ventennas because of the difficulties in getting the customer's requirements accurately defined.

Options and spare parts for the HFp antennas are possible Dealer items, but, we have found that, in many cases the volumes are too low to be interesting.  Possible exception - the HFp-V 80 Meter Option.  This is a popular option, and dealers may wish to carry them, as a convenience to their customers.

If you are interested in our Dealer program, just send an e-mail  to info (at), and we will send you our complete Dealer Package, outlining requirements, and showing the potential profit margins you may expect with our products.  We don't publish this information on the website, for obvious reasons. 

In your e-mail, it will be helpful if you could include the following information -

Company name
Web Site
Number of employees
Annual sales
Distribution area
Other antenna lines carried