MORE Testimonials for the HFp
We've had so many testimonials our HFp antennas that we have had to add a second page for them on the site!  Send yours along and force us to put up yet another.

Here are more comments sent directly to us -

Sent: Fri, 8 Aug 2008
Subject: All I can say is ... wow!


I purchased your HFp dipole system about a year ago, and have had only a couple of chances to play with it since then.  But my main HF antenna has been down for service since early last year, and I have been largely QRT since then (with band condx being what they are, I wasn't too concerned).  A couple of months ago, I had just finished building my new Elecraft K3/100, and needed to put it through its paces with more than just a dummy load.

So, I assembled my HFp as a dipole, put it up on a 15 foot painter's pole about five feet away from my house.  Total assembly time using an antenna analyzer was about 20 minutes or so - most of the time was devoted to figuring out how to secure the painter's pole.  The antenna stood well below the roof-line of the house, was surrounded by a pretty thick tree canopy and stood WELL below the Sacramento River levy that is located less than a tenth of a mile west of my home.  Didn't expect much in the way of results with this setup ... but did make a few contacts.

I then reconfigured the antenna as a vertical "L," with the feed point elevated 15' above ground, made some minor changes in the whip length, and gave it another try.  From that point on, I have been blown away by the results:

I worked Field Day for a few hours and logged over 100 contacts.  I have made several "DX" contacts, including several from Hawaii and Alaska, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, Belize and last night, Latvia.  These contacts were almost always made in the midst of pile-ups, always running barefoot @ 100 watts, and were made on BOTH 20 and 40 meters (despite the fact that it is set up and tuned for 20 only) using the K3's built in auto tuner.  All of this has been with our sun
on extended vacation - the average number of sunspots during the period has been about .5 (well less than 1) or so.

In theory, this antenna should not be performing with any efficiency at all on 40, and the fact that it is nearly "buried" beneath trees, two story homes and a nearby river levy ... not to mention that the metal in my home's stucco exterior should be absorbing most of the radiated energy from the antenna ... all would suggest that I shouldn't expect much on 20 either.  But it has performed FLAWLESSLY.

I have only one problem: I have been having WAY too much fun using the HFp, and haven't been doing the work on my main antenna system.  I may have to take down the HFp system just to force myself to spend more time in the shop and less time on the air!

Thanks for a GREAT product.

Peter Gambee
Sent: Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Thank you for the quick response and shipping on the replacement One-Stripe element!  Not to worry on the defective part - that happens, and your response to each problem was exemplary.

This antenna fits the bill - exactly what I was looking for!  Sure, one could build a vertical, and by the time it was finished, with all the effort, parts and engineering, I believe the cost would be the same and most likely more.  Certainly it would not be as attractive as the HFp.

Mark Bloedow - N0TNA
Sent: Saturday, 4 Aug 2007 17:12:19
Subject: Customer Service

OK, John, got it, figured it out - thanks once again, your customer service  is unequaled in amateur radio. 

Taking a little break  from NAQP - I think I  have a bad trap on my R7000 so I reconfigured the  HFp-V for 15m, worked like  a champ, was even able to hold a run freq....after a couple of minutes for dinner & a bit of a rest, I'll once gain reconfigure  for 80m, looking  forward to trying it out on 80m for the 1st time.

Great product, great customer service - I recommend  your product at every given opportunity. Thanks again.

73 DE K0XQ
Sean Warner