HFp-Vertical Specifications
Frequency Coverage - 6.5 MHz to above 54 MHz
(40 Meters through 6 Meters - one band at a time)
Max Power Input - 200 Watts
Maximum Height - 11 Feet (80M Setup)

Weight of total package - 2.5 Lbs (just over 1 Kg)
Standard included items -
  • Antenna elements for operation on all listed bands
  • Mounting Base
  • Base leveling feet
  • Ground Radials on easy-to-use spools
  • Guy lines on plastic spool
  • Guy line Tensioners
  • Wrench for loosening Inter-element-connectors
  • Coaxial pigtail with SO-239 connector
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Quick Setup laminated card
  • Heavy duty nylon cloth pack bag

Optional Accessories for the HFp -

   (Allows operation on 80, 75 and 60 Meters)

  • Dipole Upgrade - (20M thru 6M)

   (Allows mounting the Hfp-V to any vertical support,
   such as a backback frame, a pipe, or a porch railing.)

   (Allows mounting the HFp-V to a table top, fence slat,
   or any flat surface.)

  • Mobile Mount Adapter -
   (Allows installing the HFp-V on a standard mobile mount
   (with 3/8-24 threads).  Note that the HFp is not strong
   enough to be used in motion - this is for at-rest use only.
Preferably, there should be no vertically-oriented metal objects of a size of about half the radius distance (1/4 wavelength) inside the Halfwave Radius.

If there are, they will become part of the antenna system, and result in a de-tuning of the antenna, and a distortion of the radiation pattern.

However, if it can't be helped, it is easy to compensate and get the HFp back in resonance on your desired frequency, by shortening the whip, or, in difficult cases, by re-configuring the elements.

This chart and the footprint diagram will give you all the important characteristics of the HFp-Vertical.