Links to interesting places
Here is list of external links to sites of interest.  Some are technical, others are supporters of the Ventenna, some are just for fun.  Please report any links which are broken or any links you would like to recommend to john @

Antenna Field Strength estimations - [link]

Coax attenuation calculations - [link]

HRO - the best Ham Radio source - [link]

eHam - a resource for reviews, commentary, etc - [link]

eHam reviews for Ventennas - [link]

eHam reviews for the HFp - [link]

PayPal - to send money - [link]

Adobe Acrobat - the reader for PDF files - [link]

Heavens Above - predictions of satellite passes, including when the Shuttle or the ISS is visible from your location - [link]

Another satellite flyby visibility prediction site - much simpler to use than Heavens Above - [link]

A really funny video about a Microsoft Technical Support call - turn up your speakers - [link]

Morse Code vs Text Messaging on the "Tonight" show - [link]