Ventenna Mounting Options
The standard Ventenna is designed to slip over the top of a 1.5" vent pipe (see the discussion on Vent Pipes, here), which is used on most new homes and commercial buildings.  But, as expected, there are some situations where this standard mount is not available or not desired.  We offer solutions for mounting as follows:

1) Different pipe size
2) Vent pipes not in the desired location
3) The most stealthy installation
4) Inside-the-attic installation
5) Wall-mount installation
6) Balcony or porch-mount installation
The most common "different" size is the 2" pipe.  For this, we offer a free adaptor ring which couples the Ventenna to the 2" pipe.  Just call us or send an e-mail to "ring [at]", and we'll get one on the way to you.

Occasionally a customer will have a vent pipe larger than 2".  If this is your situation, we suggest that you read our "Adapting to a 3" Pipe" writeup, available here

It is possible to obtain a "reducing coupler", to match the Ventenna to the larger vent pipe, but because the larger vent pipe is usually a common outlet for multiple smaller pipes inside the structure, the narrowing of the pipe to the diameter of the Ventenna may violate local building codes, so this adapter solution is not recommended.
2) The existing vent pipes are not in the desired location -

If your vent pipes aren't in the location you want to mount your Ventenna, you can just install a fake one in the correct place!  Our write-up on installing a fake vent pipe is available here.
3) I don't want the cable to be visible on the roof -
If you want complete stealth, just order your Ventenna with the "Inside Coax" option.  (Note - this is standard with Commercial Ventennas, and Ham Ventennas with this option must be purchased directly from us.)

The "Inside Coax" Ventennas have the coax completely inside the pipe - no outside coax is visible.  

This means, of course, that some means must be provided to retrieve the coax from the pipe inside the attic.  In order to make this as easy as possible, "Inside Coax" Ventennas have 10' of the RG-58 coax attached, so there is plenty of coax inside the pipe to extend below the roof line.

Our "Inside Coax" writeup describes some options for getting the coax out of the pipe, and is available here.
4) I want to mount the Ventenna inside the attic -
We sometimes get requests for an inside-the-attic mounting option, and have come up with a simple bracket for this purpose.  The bracket is nailed or screwed to one of the wooden joists in the attic, and the Ventenna is slipped onto it.

Note that, in an inside installation, the proximity of wiring, metal vent pipes, or metal flashing outside, on the roof, can affect the tuning of the Ventenna, and cause it to perform poorly.  It is recommended that you test the Ventenna in its proposed location before installing the attic mount.

Cost for the Attic Mount is $7.95, plus some shipping.  Here is the instruction for the Attic Mount. 

5) Wall Mount -
1) The vent pipes are not the "standard" 1.5 inch size -

The Wall-Mount is an option which allows fastening the Ventenna to a vertical surface.  It consists of a mounting flange, and some ABS pipe sections and elbows to support the Ventenna.  The drawing of the Wall-Mount is available here.  Cost for the Wall-Mount is $19.95 plus some shipping.

6) Balcony or Porch Mount -
We have a write-up which describes a method for placing the Ventenna on an apartment balcony or porch.  It is possible to make it look like it is a decorative addition to the porch, and is supposed to be there.  The writeup is available here.