The Ventenna Gallery of Stealth
From time to time people send us pictures of Ventennas in interesting locations, or disguised to really disappear.  We always love having folks send us pictures, and enjoy posting them here on our website for others to see.

If you have some Ventenna pictures you would like to share, please send them to  Please include some commentary about your pictures, your installation, and any other interesting points.

Note that your sending us the pictures confers upon us the right to post them on our website or include them in our literature, and to edit your description.
Can you spot the Ventenna?  K6HLE made it a little easier by ordering every standard model of Ventenna we make, plus a special-frequency version!  There are actually six Ventennas in the picture.  Even though his roof line is a bit jagged, there haven't been any comments.
Doug also used a dual-band Ventenna in his office.  Amazingly, there is very little  effect on the SWR from having the Ventenna inside.