Testimonials for the Ventenna

We've had many folks post comments about our Ventennas on e-Ham.net, which has become a very popular site for Ham-Radio-related forums, articles, news and reviews, as well as information on contesting, propagation, classified ads and Ham Exams, just to name a few.

There is a special section for reviews of the Ventenna VT-27 Dual-Band (2-Meter / 440) antenna.   To see the reviews, click HERE

If you would like to add your own review, there is a line just below the header which reads "You can write your own review of the Ventenna VT-27 2M/440 Dual Band".  The words "write your own review" are a link to sign in to add a review (or register if you haven't already done so).  Registration is required to add a review, but it's quick, easy and free, and they don't give your info out to spammers.

Here are some comments sent directly to us -

Sent: Friday, March 23, 2001 7:48 AM
Subject: Ventenna Pictures

Some months ago I called with a few questions and in the course of the conversation I offered to send pictures of my installation.

I finally got some good photos taken of which a couple are attached.  I have a VT-27 and a VT-15S mounted on the roof.  I am fortunate enough to not have antenna restrictions where we built the new ham shack, except for those mandated by the XYL.  But I wanted to put in several radios, and didn't want all the antennas on the tower, and the Ventenna fit my needs quite well.  They seem to work quite well.

Note that the spike on the upper right corner of the roof is a lighting rod, not an antenna.
If I can provide further information about my Ventenna use please feel free to contact me.

Jerry Irwin
Sent: Sunday, October 27, 2002 3:28 PM
Subject: Interesting story

Discovered through happenstance, the VT27 I purchased from you guys is resonant at 10m.  No kidding, I am located in Middletown, MD, and was talking to Austria and Aruba this morning on 10m, using the Ventenna on an FT817 running 2.5W.  I was amazed.  According to the built in SWR meter, I was around one bar (haven't calibrated it, but I'm told by other 817 users that you're fine under 3).

Just thought you'd like to know the dual band is apparently a quad band, at least in QRP land.
James M. "Matt" Holcomb, PE
Subject: Some photos of my installation
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 20:57:25 +0000

I wanted you to know that I'm very happy with my dual band Ventenna. I had tried a few other stealth antennas but none of them came close to working like your product.

My family knows the antenna is up there but I honestly don't think anyone else would sense that anything was out of place.

I've attached some photos that show the house from two directions and then one photo that shows the antenna up close so you can actually see where it is at.

Feel free to use these photos in any way you desire. Thanks for a well engineered, fairly priced product!
Wade Nield